How to outwit – outplay – outlast hate

Sometimes I think it would be great if I could hate — really hate — viciously hate without reservation, hesitation, or self-reproachment — free of any sensation other than the forceful surge that comes from riding that rising tide of red, roaring anger. Hate has been invigorating for so many people this year. Their hate has been affirmed and amplified andContinue reading “How to outwit – outplay – outlast hate”

Why you need an online presence as a writer

When you meet someone new, you shake their hand. It’s a gesture that puts you forward in a positive way. Online, your words are your handshake, introducing others to you, but YOU have to be the one to stick out your hand–and that’s what your website and/or blog is. If you don’t have one, someone else is shaking on your behalf, and you have no control…

How to Respond to That Whiny Post About Friendship

Maybe I saw you yesterday. Maybe we haven’t seen each other in decades. Maybe we’ve never actually met and never will due to distance and circumstances. And yet, somehow, we’re friends on Facebook and that’s good enough for me. Really. That’s it. You can stop reading. I’m not here to: pile on any social mediaContinue reading “How to Respond to That Whiny Post About Friendship”

Unpack the Basket: 7 Tips to Increase Productivity and Enhance Creativity

Ever dash into the grocery store intending to pick up just a couple of items — quick in, quick out? At the entrance, you take a shopping basket instead of a cart. Before you’ve gone a dozen steps, something catches your eye. Ooh, you need that. You go a little further. You need that as well. AndContinue reading “Unpack the Basket: 7 Tips to Increase Productivity and Enhance Creativity”

Letterman, Fallon, and Lowenin the middle

Jimmy Fallon steps up to the Tonight Show. David Letterman steps down from the Late Show. Both those trending stories reinforce the fact that I’m stuck in the middle of a midlife crisis. Fallon’s too old to be my son. Letterman’s too young to be my father. Me, I’m dead center between them age-wise, but one reminds me of myContinue reading “Letterman, Fallon, and Lowenin the middle”

The Writing Life, or Why I Don’t Blog Here Very Often

Anyone who writes for the internet for a living and maintains a personal blog that hasn’t been updated in over a year should not be embarrassed. She should be ashamed. I am ashamed. A fine example I set, considering that I recently told a client an effective blog needed to be updated with new content aContinue reading “The Writing Life, or Why I Don’t Blog Here Very Often”

From Great White Daddy to Katie Couric: Evolution of the evening news

For a very long time, network news was all about comfort, authority, and the presence of what I’ve come to think of as the Great White Daddy. America grew up with the notion that at a certain time of day, we could all tune in to one of the Three Big Networks and see (andContinue reading “From Great White Daddy to Katie Couric: Evolution of the evening news”

Peace Corps’ rape cover-up culture comes to light in House committee hearings

At I’ve written about the ABC News story that exposed an ugly aspect of the Peace Corps — a culture of hiding/denying the rape and sexual assault of female Peace Corps volunteers. The story was in part prompted by my own fears as the mother of a wannabe Peace Corps volunteer who added anContinue reading “Peace Corps’ rape cover-up culture comes to light in House committee hearings”

Note to the Facebook friend I unfriended

It’s not because you’re obviously a misogynist and I’m pretty much a feminist. It’s not because our politics are as different as different can be. It’s not because you can’t read anything I write about Hilary Clinton without insisting that she’s “shrill” and “menopausal” and using those exact words in your public comments on myContinue reading “Note to the Facebook friend I unfriended”