How to outwit – outplay – outlast hate

Sometimes I think it would be great if I could hate — really hate — viciously hate without reservation, hesitation, or self-reproachment — free of any sensation other than the forceful surge that comes from riding that rising tide of red, roaring anger. Hate has been invigorating for so many people this year. Their hate has been affirmed and amplified andContinue reading “How to outwit – outplay – outlast hate”

Why you need an online presence as a writer

When you meet someone new, you shake their hand. It’s a gesture that puts you forward in a positive way. Online, your words are your handshake, introducing others to you, but YOU have to be the one to stick out your hand–and that’s what your website and/or blog is. If you don’t have one, someone else is shaking on your behalf, and you have no control…

How to Respond to That Whiny Post About Friendship

Maybe I saw you yesterday. Maybe we haven’t seen each other in decades. Maybe we’ve never actually met and never will due to distance and circumstances. And yet, somehow, we’re friends on Facebook and that’s good enough for me. Really. That’s it. You can stop reading. I’m not here to: pile on any social mediaContinue reading “How to Respond to That Whiny Post About Friendship”

Letterman, Fallon, and Lowenin the middle

Jimmy Fallon steps up to the Tonight Show. David Letterman steps down from the Late Show. Both those trending stories reinforce the fact that I’m stuck in the middle of a midlife crisis. Fallon’s too old to be my son. Letterman’s too young to be my father. Me, I’m dead center between them age-wise, but one reminds me of myContinue reading “Letterman, Fallon, and Lowenin the middle”

Why Crisis Hasn’t Shaken the Bedrock of Japan’s Culture of Civility

If we grade a society on how well it holds together during a crisis, it’s clear worldwide opinion has bestowed an A+ upon the Japanese people in the aftermath of last week’s earthquake and tsunami. Much has been made about the fact that there’s no looting or rioting. Outside supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations,Continue reading “Why Crisis Hasn’t Shaken the Bedrock of Japan’s Culture of Civility”

Understanding Japanese Stoicism in the Face of Japan’s Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami

My mother passed away five years ago and though I miss her, I’m glad she’s not around to see the terrible images of disaster, death and devastation in Japan following Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. A native of Japan, she moved to the US to marry my American father but her heart remained in her homeland.Continue reading “Understanding Japanese Stoicism in the Face of Japan’s Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami”