Searching the internet is like playing hide-and-seek.
You found me–you win.

Now it’s my turn to keep you from getting away.
That’s engagement.

Whether you’re writing or speaking,
you want to engage meaningfully,
memorably, with impact.

I can help.

Linda’s blend of creativity, brass-tacks expertise and candor cuts right to the essence of messaging. She made me aware of how I was limiting myself and my business, and what I needed to do to move past those constraints. She opened my eyes to endless possibilities.

Linda Lowen is extremely adept in creating messages for a variety of audiences, whether for television, radio or print. She is highly professional, and adds value as she consults on what will work best for your business.

Linda gets it. She’s not only a very strong conceptual copy writer, she understands the digital space, strategy and what it takes to push initiatives to the next level. She understands and knows her market while producing work that is both creative and brand appropriate.

I’ve provided recommendations to many professionals in the past, but none has given me greater pleasure than having the opportunity to recommend Linda….Working with her has literally changed my life!

TV, Radio and Print

Media Appearances

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