Bobbi Palmer, CEO, Date Like A Grownup

Linda’s blend of creativity, brass-tacks expertise and candor cuts right to the essence of messaging. She made me aware of how I was limiting myself and my business, and what I needed to do to move past those constraints. She opened my eyes to endless possibilities.

Jennifer Stone, Senior Social & Digital Creative Manager

Linda gets it. She’s not only a very strong conceptual copy writer, she understands the digital space, strategy and what it takes to push initiatives to the next level. She understands and knows her market while producing work that is both creative and brand appropriate.

Alice Barden, Screenwriter, Award-Winning Actress

Linda Lowen is an extraordinary writer and hilarious human being. I met her at a conference and subsequently had her write several important essays for me. They were outstanding and I use her for writing and feedback as much as is humanly possible. I absolutely need Linda in my life. Truly one of the best… Read More

KT, Writing Workshop Student

Linda [has] a way of pulling apart the fabric of our words, laying it out in all its vibrant color and and helping to re-work it into an even more beautiful garment.

KC, Writing Workshop Student

Linda [is] truly talented…and shepherded us through this…providing accurate and good criticism, and with such heart.

DB, Writing Workshop Student

I just want to say thank you again, Linda, for your kindness and support and for creating a safe place for all of us to write….You give your heart to reading our work….You have a knack for naming the strengths and the weaknesses of our individual craft.  Beyond that you are fun and extremely knowledgeable.… Read More

EC, Writing Workshop Student

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your comments….Your kind words really picked me up…and pointed me in the right direction. You are a superb instructor.

PH, Writing Workshop Student

Linda…[has] an incredible gift for offering critique with warmth, depth and positive overtones, even when…pointing out areas of weakness…. This is a cultivated art–to be able to eloquently describe a flaw with encouragement and well-poised suggestions is such an attribute.