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Whether you’re trying to put together a short story or essay, or a a piece of long-form writing for publication, it can be very hard to objectively edit yourself. You can be your own worst critic hating everything you’ve written, or your biggest fan believing your first and only draft was flawless. Or you can be both at the same time.

Don’t go it alone.

The integrity of your voice is important. So is delivering a well-crafted piece of prose. Clarity and readability are essential if you want to be understood — and read.

Sometimes we overwrite, and our point gets lost in a tangle of excess words. (Imagine trying to talk through a mouth of marbles.)

Sometimes we don’t include enough color and detail, and the narrative feels more like a research paper than a story. (Imagine trying to talk when your throat is dry.)

As a writing coach and editor, I’m sensitive to each writer’s style and often rework pieces by restructuring the order of elements and staying in the writer’s voice. But I’m also a believer that less is more, and I trim what’s unnecessary to make the important points stand out.

I curate your work, taking out what isn’t valuable so that what remains is high quality and stands up to scrutiny.

If you’re an individual looking for editing services, a writing coach, or someone to guide you in finding/refining your voice, my rates are quite reasonable. I believe everyone who has the impulse to write should have access to resources that can help them develop into a writer.

If you’re a business looking for editing services, a copywriter or blogger, or someone to help determine the tone and style of your business branding, my rates are in line with what you’d pay for a freelance writer/editor.

I’ll bring to your project the the same skill and dedication that I’ve brought to previous clients such as the New York Times Company and, two media companies that have hired me as an independent contractor. With the NYTimes Co. I enjoyed a five year relationship; with, three years.

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Just want a one-time evaluation of your novel, book, short story, essay or blog post? I offer writing evaluations at my site for writers,

Want an accountability coach to keep you on track with your writing but don’t need editing, evaluation, or anyone to read your writing? I offer a 2 month/8 week accountability plan, also through

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