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As the former content provider behind the #1 ranked women’s issues site on the internet, I’m a women’s issues generalist who can provide analysis of hot button issues and current headlines within the context of pop culture, politics, the workplace, family life and historical references. For Women’s Issues, I’ve researched and written thousands of articles and blog posts on nearly every topic that impacts women’s and girls’ lives.

As a radio producer/talk show host and former broadcast TV journalist, I’m experienced at connecting with a wide variety of audiences. I’ve addressed women entrepreneurs, cancer survivors, civic organizations and college students and spoken about modern motherhood, women and social media, women and politics, media images of females, and other challenges facing women. In addition, I have expertise in multicultural families,  Asian American issues, cancer survivorship and raising children while undergoing chemotherapy.

A member of the National Cancer Survivor’s Day Speaker’s Bureau, I’ve addressed groups on living with cancer, caring for a terminally ill family member, and reinventing yourself after recovering from cancer.


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