If you’re lucky, you’ll get your 15 minutes of fame. But in reality, if you do find yourself facing an upcoming opportunity or interview with a local, regional or national media outlet, reduce your expectations by two-thirds. Though your interviewer may talk with you for 20 minutes (as mine did for Good Morning America) what will actually make it on air will fall somewhere between 10 seconds and 4 minutes.

You’ll have a very short amount of time to convey your message, and you’ll likely be nervous.

Knowledge based on experience

As a former TV and current radio talk show host (and producer in both media), I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the air, most of them live — a situation in which mistakes were not an option.

Preparation, preparation, and more preparation — a successful media appearance  hinges on specific, thorough, and knowledgeable preparation. You can go it alone, but you’ll do significantly better with a coach.

Specific guidance, straightforward advice

I’ve worked with clients to refine their messages and deliver key points in 90 seconds, identify and eliminate nervous tics and habits that can detract from or even ruin an on-air appearance, and anticipate and deflect hostile interview questions. I can also provide guidance on choosing clothing, colors,  and (for women) accessories, hairstyle and makeup most appropriate for an on-camera interview.

Compared to advertising

Media coaching is affordable, especially when you consider it in lieu of an advertising budget. You’ll have wide exposure for free, but if you go it alone without coaching, there is a cost — not making a positive impression and not effectively communicating your message to the audience.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to gain the tools for successful messaging. And what a difference it can make when you do the actual interview.

Get ready for your big break — in advance

I’ve had the pleasure of working with committed clients who give it their all. They listen, learn, and improve. Here’s what they’ve said about my media coaching workshop and one-on-one consultation.

If you’re a professional with any sort of footprint on the worldwide web, you should consider media coaching because you may be one phone call away from national exposure.

Want another example of how that one phone call might play out? Read Charles Bethea’s excellent article, “I Went On ‘Good Morning America’ and It Was Far From Lights, Camera, Action” to learn what can happen when you go it alone with no prior experience. Even a single two-hour consultation would have given him enough preparation to know what to expect and to be ready for it.

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