In ten words, I will convince you to keep reading.  

You should know: most users don’t read when they’re online.  They skim the page for content that catches their attention.  You grab them or lose them in the first 10 seconds.

I’ve written for broadcast, print, the internet for 15+ years. I teach others to craft clear, effective, jargon-free prose and I don’t let typos sneak by.  As a media coach who’s sat on both ends of the interview, I’m protective of every client. Hire me, and we’ll build a skill set you’ll use every day to message confidently and succinctly. Until then…

Still with me? You’ve just read 110 words. Finish this page — 150 words total. That’s eighty-two percent more than most people read.

The ten words that convinced you to keep reading? That very first sentence. I did it here. Let’s do it at your site.

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