Need an editor for your essay, memoir or novel? My strengths combine line editing and copy editing. I’m hands-on, so expect me to get into every aspect of your work.

I’ll read for grammar, consistency, style, overall cohesion and forward momentum, as well as get down to sentence level corrections which include paragraph and sentence structure, word use, repetition of words and phrases, identifying cliches or metaphors that don’t work, and trimming excess.

I respect every writer’s voice and tone and try to edit using your own words and stylistic conventions. This may including moving blocks of copy, suggesting word changes or substitutions, and removing unnecessary or distracting portions of text. After seeing this restructuring, most writers I work with experience that ‘a-ha’ moment. It’s recognizing what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s my take on editing:  That story, narrative, memoir you carry inside you — it’s a gift.  And the language you employ in telling your story is the wrapping paper. You may choose paper that’s overly fancy or fussy, or paper that’s too plain and needs a touch of color. You may use too many layers, covering it with bubble wrap, then newsprint, tissue, and finally glossy printed paper, making it too hard to get at when all it needs is a single layer. I will help you wrap your story the most advantageous way possible.

Good writing exhibits clarity and transparency. There should never be any doubt in the reader’s mind as to what you intended to say. We’ll accomplish that together.  Start here.

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