On Linda’s media training workshop and one-on-one media coaching

She’s smart, sassy, funny, outspoken, and she tells it like it is – always. Her workshop is…pure gold.

Ann Voorhees Baker
Founder, Women at Woodstock retreats
Palm Springs, CA, Charleston, SC, and Woodstock, NY

I’ve provided recommendations to many professionals in the past, but none has given me greater pleasure than having the opportunity to recommend Linda Lowen. Working with her has literally changed my life!

Linda’s media training is spot on. With her extensive background in print, online and on-air media, Linda knows whereof she speaks. She’s not only highly skilled at assisting clients to create eye-catching, articulate and persuasive marketing materials, she will also give you the kind of insider knowledge that only a professional in the field can impart. Linda will coach you on the critical tips you’ll need to present your points with confidence and clarity, and make your time in the media spotlight memorable. Moreover, she will deliver helpful, honest feedback when required—always supportive and sometimes with a touch of her wicked wit to make things fun.

I began our work together with the feeling that this gal is smart, accomplished and a real pro. I knew that Linda’s help would prove a valuable asset and her mentoring would lead to substantial strides in furthering my goals. But what quickly became apparent is that I adore this woman!

Working with Linda is a unique, sometimes surprising and always delightful experience. Instead of the usual coach/mentor-mentee relationship, you will be treated to a knockout combo of intelligence, insider knowhow, the support of a best friend and more fun than you can imagine. So, if you have any desire to further your business and/or get your name out there, my advice is to put “work with Linda Lowen” at the very top of your to-do list.

And, even more, my guess is that working with her will change your life, too!

Mary Eileen Williams
Huffington Post blogger
Feisty Side of Fifty
Author, Land the Job You Love: 10 Surefire Strategies for Jobseekers Over 50
San Francisco, CA

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