Editor, Hopeful Grateful Strong

What if you wanted to share your cancer survivor tale but had no experience as a writer? Over half the contributors in this collection gained confidence and skills in storytelling through a series of memoir workshops geared toward cancer survivors at a local YMCA; the results are published here. Most are breast cancer survivors in the LiveStrong and Laurie’s Hope programs, but other perspectives are included, including a doctor who says what every cancer patient would like to hear from their own physician: I see beyond your disease to the person you are. Tough, honest, often poignant and always unflinching, these stories and poems echo with the vitality of the women who made them.

Edited with a Foreword by Linda Lowen


Contributor, Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox edited by Joanne C. Bamberger

This timely collection delves into the nuances of our complicated feelings about one of the most powerful women ever in American politics. Editor/author Joanne Cronrath Bamberger provides the narrative framework through which to view the history that’s led us to this moment in time–the moment when voters must decide whether they can forgive Hillary Clinton for not being the perfect candidate or the perfect woman and finally elect our first woman president — then hands to stage to a unique and diverse group of writers of all ages, walks of life, and political affiliations. Timely and fresh, Love Her, Love Her Not will provoke new conversations and push political and cultural dialogue in the US to a new level.

Includes the essay “Hillary Clinton, Everymother” by Linda Lowen
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