You win.

Searching for someone on the internet is a global game of hide-and-seek. You’re a good player. You found me–you win. Now it’s my turn to keep you from getting away. That’s engagement. 

Whether you’re writing or speaking, you want to meaningfully engage the other person. Every single client I’ve worked with–individual, corporate, national media–has had that same goal: to create a great user experience. It begins right here. Right now. Starting with you…

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Skills & Services

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Writing Coach

Maybe you’ve never written before, or you’ve published short pieces and want to write a novel or memoir. I’ve worked with adult students at every level, and can provide both sensitive guidance and tough love.


Want an editor who respects your voice while helping you refine your style? I can do everything from basic proofreading to line by line revisions when you go astray. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Freelance Writing

I’ve worked for the New York Times Company and, and can bring that same skill set to your writing projects, whether in the online environment or in print.

Public Speaking

From California to Connecticut, I’ve spoken on topics ranging from media messaging to cancer survivorship. Whether you need a long or short presentation, I’ll deliver engaging content.

Media Coaching

With over two decades of radio/TV producing and hosting, plus media training from top consultants in NYC, I know what shows look for and what they avoid. I’ll help you communicate effectively and confidently in front of the mic.


You know what you want to say but the words aren’t coming out right. Stop agonizing. I’ll ghostwrite your blog, essay, op-ed, or book, and as your ghostwriter my discretion is guaranteed.

Copywriting, Digital Marketing & Social Media

To stand out online, your brand voice has to delight, deliver, defy expectations, and sound like no other. With over 15 years’ experience writing for the digital environment, I excel at tonality. From natural foods to home furnishings, I’ve crafted evocative copy with strong keywords as well as game-changing social media strategies that convert influential customers into powerful brand evangelists. I’ll do the same for you.

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She’s smart, sassy, funny, outspoken, and she tells it like it is – always. Her workshop is…pure gold.

Linda gets it. She’s not only a very strong conceptual copy writer, she understands the digital space, strategy and what it takes to push initiatives to the next level….She understands and knows her market while producing work that is both creative and brand appropriate.

I’ve provided recommendations to many professionals in the past, but none has given me greater pleasure than having the opportunity to recommend Linda….Working with her has literally changed my life!

Linda Lowen is an extraordinary writer and hilarious human being. I met her at a conference and subsequently had her write several important essays for me. They were outstanding and I use her for writing and feedback as much as is humanly possible. I absolutely need Linda in my life. Truly one of the best people I know on every level.

TV, Radio and Print

Media Appearances

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