You found me. You win.

Searching for someone on the internet is very much a global game of hide-and-seek. Clearly, you’re a good player since you found me.  Tag, I’m it.

Now I’m curious. What brought you here, and what can I help you with?

You’ve got questions. Hopefully I’ve got answers. The fastest way to get in touch with me? Submit the form below. No, it won’t disappear into a black hole. Yes, I’ll respond. By email. Really.

Please make yourself at home here at my home on the web. Poke around, clink on links, discover what I’m about. Sorry there’s no refrigerator to raid or couch to crash on. The internet doesn’t have those online just yet.

If what you want isn’t here, that form is for you. Tag, you’re it. Don’t be shy. Fill it out, press that orange-y SUBMIT button and tag, I’m it. And if you have a website, leave your URL so I don’t have play hide-and-seek to find you. Like refrigerators and couches, “olly olly oxen free” doesn’t translate well to the internet.

Thanks for visiting. Welcome.

2 thoughts on “You found me. You win.

  1. I just read your article on your prophylactic surgery .. Wow …. My mother is a breast cancer survivor …she is getting tested to see if she carries the gene . My obgyn said if she has the gene i should consider preventive surgery . I am 80% convinced on having the surgery whether or not she carries the gene but just reading your article convinced me . I would love if you can start a blog about your experience . I tried searching for support groups and personal experiences but only found your article.thank you for sharing!! I dont have much support and would love to start a group or blog with your help

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